Genius & Talent Dynamics Assessments & Debriefs


Everything starts with with discovering everyone's Talents and Energies.  We at BRPToo work businesses, teams and individuals to uncover the Core Geniuses that make up your company and your people.

Discovering everyone's genius and that of your company provides the foundation of  understanding where you are and the next steps to identifying where you want to be.  Engaging the core geniuses will increase company moral and engage the natural desires do what it takes to deliver results while improving retention, team dynamics and bottom line results.

Genius Team Workshops


Once we know and understand everyone's core geniuses, we uncover talent gaps, how to build more a more successful balance of energies, and define a pathway to create self-sustaining peak performance.  Matching everyone's core geniuses with their business and team roles creates the synergy required to identify multiple opportunities and specific details for improving business process and outcomes that drive bottom line results.

Business and Implementation Coaching


Coming out of the workshops we work together with you and your teams to develop goals and milestones that leverage everyone's core genius and talents to create flows and energy levels above and beyond while having more fun doing it. 

The newly exercised geniuses will carry forward throughout everything they will do.